Tortin Ltd

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Effective IT Architecture

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 Tortin is an IT consultancy with multi sector experience in the following disciplines:
  • Developing IT Strategy - aligned to business strategy

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  • Solution Architecture - systems design; software environment and IDE (.NET, J2EE - Netbeans, Eclipse); Service Oriented Architecture (SOA); data modelling and database design
  • Business Architecture - modeling the business, key processes, data. This is a specific exercise within Enterprise Architecture as it must drive the enterprise architecture,  but has value as an exercise in its own right
  • Infrastructure Architecture - Hardware consolidation (virtualisation); Storage design; Network design.
  • Software Development best practice - development methodology implementation tailored for your organisation, Agile methods (SCRUM, DSDM) and Waterfall; Quality methods and practice

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Broadly it is about taking a holistic view of the systems, processes, data and technology of the organisation and aligning these in a cohesive manner with the organisation's key goals and drivers, i.e. its business plan.

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sexyvenushuegel pisse spielen rar Following the parallels with building architecture, if a Solution Architect role is analagous to that of an building's architect then an Enterprise Architect is analogous to a town planner.
A good solutions architect may not necessarily be a good enterprise architect, although the converse is not true and in fact it is useful for an enterprise architect to possess solution architectural skills. Similarly it is useful for them to have Infrastructure architecture experience, but it is essential that they understand the business perspective and are skilled in Business Architecture. 
Tortin, follows the basic structure outlined by TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework.) Tortin's adoption of this useful frameworkis detailed here  TOGAF summary . Like all good methodologies it is key that the method is tailored for each organisation. If you actually followed TOGAF to the letter you would be embroiled in theoretical studies lasting years - a luxuxy that not only can very few enterprises actually afford, but given the pace of business change today the completed output would be out of date before it was completed.

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